Globesons Group is an Innovation and Technology driven diversified global Investment organisation.We are providing financial investment services mainly venture capital,private equity,projects funding of diverse industries.


*Research & development of Artificial Intelligence,Blockchain,Crypto,Web 3.0 and other technologies.

*Manufacturing,global sourcing and worldwide supplies of various products of following diversified industries under one roof : Agro,Minerals,Metals,Coal & Hydrocarbons,Oil & Petrochemicals,Construction Materials,Medical & Pharma,Chemicals,Polymers,Textile & Fashion,Handicrafts,Organic Foods and various FMCG products.

*Media & Entertainment ventures

Innovation is in the corporate DNA of Globesons Group.We deal in the most innovative products and services,Ensuring that the upcoming wave of growth will remain innovation led.We have adopted an integrated profitable business model that is geared specifically to make most out of our innovative products and services.Globesons Group constantly explores new opportunities,frontiers,breaks new ground and challenges the impossible understanding the value of personal and commercial relationships.We continue to look for new avenues,ideas and networks.This has been a key to sustained growth across all our business sectors.

Globesons Group is an organisation of enduring strength,our success is driven by our strong team of dynamic promoters,partners,entrepreneurs,employees and executives armed with confidence and having decades of experience across diverse sectors and their commitment of getting results by putting utmost ethical efforts by operating responsibly,executing with excellence,using innovative technologies and capturing opportunities.

We dedicate our strength and endurance to a consistent approach to manage our diverse business verticals.We operate under a decentralised management approach through unique way of operating that values and fosters the development of our people.We believe in empowering our executives to do what they are good at,Our sense of responsibility is present through out the organisation.Globesons Group have developed and implemented a efficient approach to detect,prevent and resolve any potential concerns supported by zero tolerance policy.